Hourly Rate: $27USD/hr
Location: Lake of Como, Italy
Languages: French (Mother tongue) Italian (mother tongue), English (advanced)
Zoom ID: 443-749-8576

Expertise: Italian
Focus: All levels conversational Italian, CELI/ PLIDA/CILS exams, Business Italian, Italian for children, Italian for groups, Italian literature, etc.

• 11 years teaching online and offline.

• Since 2008 I’ve been working with 3 certified online schools.

• Translator and Interpreter since 2009

• 2 years’ experience as a French and Italian teacher in the Uk (for groups and one to one) 2007-2008.

• English teacher for the Oxford School in Lecco, Italy 2009-2010


• Degree top of my year in 2005, at the Catholic University of Milan. I’ve studied Languages and Communication.

• Language High School in Lecco, Italy


Welcome everybody, Benvenuti tutti, Bienvenue tout le monde,

I’m Alessandra. I was born in 1982 and I’m currently living in Esino Lario, a very nice village close to the Lake of Como.

I’m French-Italian and I speak both languages like a native, having spent part of my childhood in France with my French family. I’ve always been interested in languages; therefore I’ve studied them for a lifetime. I graduated in 2005 in Languages and Communication in Milan, top of my year.

I’ve started being a translator and interpreter while still studying at University, working for firms and as stand assistant for international events.

After finishing university I moved for two years in the UK (2006-2008) as I wanted to teach Italian and French one to one and to groups as well. It was an amazing experience and when I moved back to Italy, I’ve started my individual business as a freelance teacher, translator and interpreter. I’ve firstly continued with all my students from UK, using video or audio calls (I have a really fast Broadband satellite connection). Since then I’ve started working with online schools and teachers’ platforms. I’ve really met some wonderful students!

Through all these activities I have organized the course material that includes various topics and is divided into different levels of difficulty. I’ve been teaching people from 6 to 85 years old.

My lessons are structured according to language proficiency levels set by the European framework and adapt to the needs of my students and to their way of learning.

The first trial lesson is specifically intended to understand the knowledge level of Italian and the needs of students in order to prepare an effective program. Usually during lessons my students practice understanding, speaking, reading, writing and reflect on grammar rules with the right balance between practice and theory.

They also discover connections between language and culture through a combination of education and fun.

So…let’s learn!!

“If you talk to a man in a language he understand, that goes to his head. If you talk to him on his own languages, that goes to his heart”. (Nelson Mandela)

The teaching approach I use is not only built around grammar rules, but also focuses on the ability to communicate effectively.

Italian grammar is intimidating at first, but we are going to use it as a prop to support our learning activities.

Understanding Italian grammar can be very challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it as a framework that holds together every new information you acquire.

The extra focus on grammar will strengthen your confidence and the overall perception of how you speak.

I hear many people saying:

- I’d love to speak Italian but I’m not good at languages.

- I’ll never be able to speak with natives.

- I don’t have enough time to study.

Well, I’m here to let you know that you got it all under control.You’ll gain enough confidence to speak even if you’re not perfect.

By working at your own pace you can fit everything in your schedule. So even if you have a tight agenda and you only have one hour a week to learn French, it’s ok. Slow but steady, you’ll learn without even noticing it.

It will take less than what you imagine to be able to manage all the fundamentals on your own and then you’ll see that the pleasure of learning will override stress and anxiety.

You got it all covered, go to the world and enjoy your ride!

One of my feedbacks:

Max (63 years old). I'm Max, hi everybody!

I really wanted to share my wonderful experience with Ale. I've known her for a long time, we started in 2009. She guided me first with Italian, which I managed to speak quite well when I visited Italy. We've recently started French. it's amazing how Ale helps me keeping my Italian and learning another language, like French, totally as a beginner. And I'm 76 now!!

I've also stayed in Italy in her village for a week last year. I loved our lesson in office, meeting her welcoming and fantastic family and speaking with people in the village.

I didn't think I would learn so much, but I'm enjoying learning and using what I've learnt. so GRAZIE ALE!! MERCI ALE!! I'd recommend her without hesitation!!!

Consultation Schedule:

• One-on-one tutor session is 60 minutes each. Session can also be longer or shorter

• Preferred time: I work from early morning (5am) till 7pm CTE. Also available during weekend


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